Oaklanders Together

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Oaklanders Together is a broad-based coalition formed to collect signatures and place directly—without city council input—a renewal of Oakland’s Measure Z on the November 2024 ballot.

Measure Z—a 2014 measure expiring this year—funds critical Oakland public safety infrastructure, including firefighters, police officers, and community programs which are to proven reduce violent crime, decrease human trafficking and keep kids out of the justice system, plus measures to reduce 9-1-1 response times.

The Oaklanders Together Coalition includes hundreds of neighbors across Oakland, small and large businesses, the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, labor unions, social impact non-profits, youth leadership organizations, crime prevention councils and the Oakland Firefighters.

This unprecedented “big tent” coalition agrees on this simple premise: we must act immediately to reduce crime in Oakland and make our neighborhoods safer with a balanced approach.

Measure Z funds public safety programs across Oakland. If the Oaklanders Together renewal measure fails, we will lose 70 sworn police officers; many of our community and domestic violence programs will disappear; and 9-1-1 response times will increase.

If the coalition’s renewal measure succeeds, Measure Z programs will continue— but on an enhanced basis—with more civilian crisis responders, more community programs and alternatives to incarceration, and improved results across Oakland.

Rigorous Taxpayer Protections Required

This community-based measure requires strict accountability requirements to ensure the funds are spent as desired by our coalition. These requirements include:

  • Annual independent audits by a new budget auditor
  • Citizen’s planning and oversight commission comprised of neighbors and experts, not politicians

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